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What to Expect during Psychological therapy

The aim of my psychology practice is to tailor therapy to you and your needs.

Coming to a first meeting can create anxiety but during this time we can talk about your difficulties and reasons for seeking therapy.  We can explore what you want to get from therapy and consider any previous experiences of therapies that you might have had.  It can be helpful to talk a little about your childhood and about your life experiences to date so that we can better understand your current problems or concerns in a wider context.  Through this we can arrive at a joint understanding of your concerns which helps us decide whether therapy with me will be helpful. You also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 

We can discuss the model of therapy which I think might be most helpful for you and think together about the number of sessions which might be needed.


After an initial consultation, there is no need to continue if you decide not to.  

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