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Anger Management Workshop

Regain control!

Anger can be destructive if it happens too often and is very intense. Jobs can be lost, careers damaged and relationships wrecked and other people hurt.
Recognising that you have a problem is the first step.  But maybe you don’t want to engage in weeks of therapy or perhaps you don’t think the problem is that bad.  For some people an intensive workshop can be extremely helpful.

This workshop runs from 9.30 until 5.30 and offers information, discussion and activities that both support and challenge participants.  Included in cost is an individual face to face or phone session within 1-2 weeks of the workshop.


•    learn about the physiological aspects of anger and how to recognise early signs
•    learn skills to reduce physical arousal
•    develop behavioural strategies to prevent angry outbursts
•    identify how angry and distorted thoughts contribute to extreme anger
•    learn  how to tolerate anger and other difficult emotions
•    find out how to anticipate difficult situations and create a plan to optimise outcome

Further workshops to follow

Dates and venue to be confirmed


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