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What is the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have specialist training in mental health. As such they are able to prescribe medication.  Some psychiatrists have also undergone additional psychotherapeutic training.

Psychologists have a first degree in psychology followed by postgraduate training to doctoral level. This training allows them to integrate psychological theory and research with therapeutic practice.  Training usually takes about 7 years.

Is your service confidential?

Your conversations with me and any notes I write are confidential.  As such they will not be disclosed to any other person without your consent.  
Exceptions to this would occur if I think you are at risk of harming yourself or someone else.

Information held about you on my computer system is covered by the GDPR (2018) and will not be disclosed to third parties.

How often do I have to come and how many sessions will I need?

Sessions are usually once a week and last for 50 minutes. Coming less frequently such as fortnightly is not very effective.  If it is very difficult to attend weekly, I can offer Skype sessions to ensure sessions are regular.

Whilst CBT is usually a short term therapy requiring about 12-20 sessions, psychodynamic therapy will most likely take longer.  It does depend on the types of difficulties that you want to work on within therapy.  This isomething we can discuss during the initial meeting where we can talk about the difficulties that have brought you to therapy and think together about the best way to address these issues.

Does my GP need to refer me?

Not necessarily.  Sometimes your health insurer will require a GP referral in order for you to claim on your policy.  I ask for your GP’s details so that I can contact them in a medical emergency.

Do you offer sessions by Skype or telephone?

I use Skype and telephone for remote sessions.  During an initial meeting I assess the suitability of this approach for you.  If suitable, it can be either in addition to face to face sessions or as a course of treatment in itself.


My professional fees depend on location, time of session and whether you are self-funding or claiming on Health Insurance.  Please contact me to discuss fees and insurance details.

Supervision trainees £60;  supervision qualified psychologists by arrangement.

Payment can either be made by cash at time of session, or electronically in advance of session.  

Telephone sessions are paid for in advance.

Health Insurance

I am a registered provider with many Health Insurance schemes. Please check your Health Insurance provider before embarking on sessions to make sure your policy is valid and that your sessions will be covered in full. You will also need to check with them as to how many sessions are authorised.  Some insurance companies issue a pre-authorisation code which you need before embarking on therapy. 

If you do not do this and later find out that the Insurers will not pay, you will be liable for the fees. 

To discuss your requirements or to find out more, please contact me on t: 07930 261066 or e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.