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Anger is an emotion/feeling which everyone experiences.  In itself, it is not a problem and is strongly related to the ways in which we think about events.

It becomes a problem when it is too frequent, too intense or lasts too long or when anger leads to aggression or damages our relationships.  Anger frequently precedes violent behaviour and is often associated with psychological distress.  

I offer individual sessions focusing on anger management.  Sessions are weekly and last 50 minutes.  The approach I use is interpersonal and integrative incorporating aspects of CBT and dynamic therapy. 

However, many people do not think that they need therapy and sometimes a workshop offers them enough help to begin to cope with their anger arousal.

Whilst working in the NHS I developed and led an anger management and treatment programme.  I now run this throughout the year, as either a one or two day workshop for individuals who are struggling to manage their anger.  I also offer this to organisations and am able to adapt duration and frequency to meet need.

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